Probate Services - What We Offer

We appreciate you considering for Luther Sanchez for your probate real estate needs.
Our team provides the following services to assist you and ensure a seamless and straightforward process whether you’re local or live out of state.

  • Market Preparation Initiate

    Assistance with home preparation, including staging, painting, or remodeling, when guidance and/or resources are required.

  • Traditional Listing Program

    Comprehensive service tailored to offer homeowners maximum marketing and exposure, ensuring optimal net profits.

  • Swift Close With Cash Offers

    Apart from traditional sales, we have cash investors who can close escrow quickly with the home being sold as-is.

  • Personalized Market Preparation Assistance

    Assistance and resources with coordination of details like estate sales, handyman work, cleaning, remodeling, etc…

  • Attorney Network

    Access to our network of reputable and local probate and estate attorneys to ensure all your bases are covered.

  • Concierge Services

    Full-time team member for assistance with coordination of details like handyman work, cleaning, remodeling, and anything else you need.

What Our Clients Say

Our family needed assistance with selling my father's home after he had passed away. Luther had been recommended to us by a friend that had nothing but wonderful things to say about his service and professionalism. He was helpful during every step of the process, but ethical and trustworthy. In addition, his team provided the same professional, courteous service. Luther was able to provide clear timelines and assisted to make the process as easy as possible. He was topnotch and he would be great in assisting with any future transactions.

Luther Sanchez did an excellent job in the selling of my dad's house, and I highly recommend him for all of your real estate needs. I would use him again in a heartbeat, and would beg my family and friends to use him. He was able to sell the house quickly, for approximately $30,000 more than the asking price.

When I was looking for a broker, I gathered information on and interviewed almost 10 real estate agents. Luther was clearly knowledgeable and also a very good communicator. He listened to our unique needs and addressed each of them. He was clear and specific about his recommendations for his plan to market our home. He seemed trustworthy and was not "used car salesman-like.

He told us that there would be a team that would assist us, but that he would be our primary contact, and that was exactly how it worked. Jonathon and Maria were wonderful, but I was never "passed off" to an associate or co-worker. Luther updated us personally and answered almost all of our questions personally.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Luther was, in all of our interactions. He went above and beyond in every situation that we were in. Since we live out of town, he helped us with arranging workers for minor repairs, staging, deep cleaning, and waste removal He was available after-hours and on weekends. He called, texted, and emailed regularly with updates and information, and returned my calls, texts, and emails very quickly. He was always professional and also personable.

How to prepare for your role in probate

  • Gather Documents: Collect essential legal documents.
  • Notify Relevant Parties: Inform beneficiaries, heirs, and creditors promptly.
  • Secure Assets: Safeguard valuable assets of the deceased.
  • Probate Petition: File the probate petition in a timely manner.
  • Inventory Assets: Create a comprehensive inventory of the estate's assets.
  • Distribute Assets: Ensure the proper distribution of assets according to the will.

Maintaining a list of the deceased's debts is crucial for estate organization. Here's a compiled list of common bills to consider:

  • Taxes: Property tax and income/sales tax if the deceased operated a business.
  • Mortgage: Ensure payments for owned real estate are addressed.
  • Utilities and Property Insurance: Keep these current, even if there's no owned real estate.
  • Unpaid Medical Bills: Address any outstanding medical expenses.
  • Revolving Credit Payments: Include payments for credit cards, HELOC loans, and student loans.
  • Real Estate Maintenance: Account for any necessary property maintenance costs.

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